This is adapted from the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and is the statement of ethics for journals published by Cambridge Scientific Publishers and provides some guidelines for authors, editors and peer review procedure.

Guidelines for Authors
Authors must submit original work; in submitting manuscripts to the journal Cambridge Central Asia Reviews, authors must guarantee that papers have not been previously published/accepted for publication or submitted to other journals/publications. All work should be free of any plagiarism, falsification or omission of significant material and authors are expected to cite their own earlier work as well as acknowledging and citing others work and ideas. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the material submitted in manuscript and there should be sufficient detail for review. The list of authors should accurately reflect who carried out the research and who wrote the paper and sources of funding for the research should be listed and acknowledged. Authors should also avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest which may influence the judgement of editors and reviewers.

Editors and Editorial Standards and Procedure
Editorial independence is respected and the Editor’s decision is final. The editors should strive to improve the journal and meet the needs of readers and authors. The Editors should be responsible for the content and also.ensure the quality of content and maintain the integrity of the academic record. The editors should publish guidelines to authors and there should be an established appeal process. Also, there should be willingness to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when necessary.

Peer review procedure
Cambridge Scientific Publishers follow peer review process whereby both the reviewers and authors are not aware of identities.

The editors should provide guidance for reviewers and have systems that ensure that the identities of peer reviewers are protected and also that material submitted for review remains confidential.